Expert Advice

We recently convened a roundtable of retirement experts consisting of economists and retirement experts. Moderated by Emmy Award-winning journalist, Don Shelby (a recent retiree himself), the panel examined the challenges of providing for retirement in these uncertain times.

In this unrehearsed conversation, the panelists engage in a spirited discussion of the most important aspects of retirement planning. The result is an unblinking, unbiased look at the smarter retirement strategies that are available today.

As with any unscripted conversation, their descriptions may contain discrepancies or misstatements. This discussion is provided as part of the comprehensive information on this website and should be viewed in that context, recognizing that the panelists are expressing their opinions. Please recognize that this discussion was hosted for the purpose of encouraging you to learn more about the insurance products we offer as insurance producers. Click the links below to continue watching more of this great video discussion.