Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 5

Reasons for Optimism (07:58)

Our experts share how we can use products that offer the benefits and options retirees are looking
for in an innovative insurance product as part of an overall comprehensive retirement plan.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 4

To Good to Be True (06:59)

The panel discusses and debunks myths and incorrect assumptions
about the recent innovations to annuity insurance products.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 3

Options to Mitigate Market Losses (03:49)

Our experts introduce you to the fixed indexed annuity insurance product as
a method to mitigate losses associated with market volatility.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 2

The Risks to Your Retirement (5:48)

The risks of retirement have largely been placed on retirees’ shoulders. In this video, our experts speak more about what
those risks are and setup the conversation to uncover what can be done to mitigate or even eliminate those risks.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 1

Why the Global Economy Affects Your Retirement (07:11)


Meet the retirement experts and economists taking part in this discussion and learn their
thoughts and opinions on today’s economy and its impact on your money and retirement.

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