Financial KnowledgeSome will find this news sounds too good to be true. It is hard to believe that there are strategies available that could have preserved your assets from the devastating downturns of the past. Certainly, most of us know how to keep our money safe: insurance companies have been preserving our money for over a century in vehicles like Annuities and Life Insurance. Innovative enhancements to these safe vehicles allow you to experience growth in Fixed Indexed Annuities* and Indexed Universal Life Insurance**.

The catch? Most indexed products are designed for long-term or nest egg money. Dollars that need to be spent in the near term are best placed elsewhere. For those who have the luxury of time, indexed vehicles like Indexed Annuities* and Indexed Universal Life Insurance** have the possibility to outperform the market over time without subjecting principal to market risk and market volatility. Indexed Annuities* and Indexed Universal Life Insurance** are regulated by governmental agencies. These well-designed vehicles have many positives and two potential negatives. The first negative is that they don’t capture all the up of the market and the second is that they are initially not 100% liquid. These plans have surrender penalties that eventually expire, resulting in the policy becoming 100% liquid. Paying a surrender penalty is a conscious decision…Market loss is not. We offer a variety of plans ranging from 5 to 16 years in length offered by many different Insurance Companies.



Despite our current economy and gloomy predictions, there are still likely to be periods of tremendous opportunity in the market. What if it were possible to preserve your assets from market downturns without having to make an emotional decision to buy, sell, or hold any one stock? What if you could take advantage of a strategy that automatically takes you out of harm’s way during bad years, and positions you for opportunity during good ones? The secret is in linking safely to the market without putting your principal there. By “indexing” to the market instead of “owning” the market you can link to indices safely on autopilot and lock in your gains without creating a taxable event. According to a recent study by the Wharton School of Finance, because of its ability to lock in credited interest in up years and not experience losses in the down years, while not specifically designed to compete with the market, some indexed products outperformed the broad market over the last 15 years!(1)



Couple on beachAre you aware of the unique strategy called “indexing,” which can help you achieve safety and growth on the same dollar at the same time? Through innovative financial tools, you can make sure your nest egg is kept safe from market declines. As a matter of fact, we have never lost a dime of our clients’ money. The secret is to not place it where it can experience a loss. As you look ahead at the likelihood of increasing volatility in the market, it is important that you preserve your nest egg; it is the engine that drives your retirement future, from negative volatility.

Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 3

Options to Mitigate Market Losses (03:49)

Our experts introduce you to the fixed indexed annuity insurance product as
a method to mitigate losses associated with market volatility.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 2

The Risks to Your Retirement (5:48)

The risks of retirement have largely been placed on retirees’ shoulders. In this video, our experts speak more about what
those risks are and setup the conversation to uncover what can be done to mitigate or even eliminate those risks.

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Retirement Roundtable: Chapter 1

Why the Global Economy Affects Your Retirement (07:11)


Meet the retirement experts and economists taking part in this discussion and learn their
thoughts and opinions on today’s economy and its impact on your money and retirement.

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Expert Advice

We recently convened a roundtable of retirement experts consisting of economists and retirement experts. Moderated by Emmy Award-winning journalist, Don Shelby (a recent retiree himself), the panel examined the challenges of providing for retirement in these uncertain times.

In this unrehearsed conversation, the panelists engage in a spirited discussion of the most important aspects of retirement planning. The result is an unblinking, unbiased look at the smarter retirement strategies that are available today.

As with any unscripted conversation, their descriptions may contain discrepancies or misstatements. This discussion is provided as part of the comprehensive information on this website and should be viewed in that context, recognizing that the panelists are expressing their opinions. Please recognize that this discussion was hosted for the purpose of encouraging you to learn more about the insurance products we offer as insurance producers. Click the links below to continue watching more of this great video discussion.



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What Can An Annuity Do For Me?

The Quick Benefits

Fixed Indexed Annuities cannot lose money caused by market volatility because they are an insurance product and not an investment.

Fixed Indexed Annuities have averaged an 8.6% return over the past 14 years, outperforming the overall return of the S&P 500 (Click here to see the study in the Journal of Financial Planning).

Annuities grow tax-deferred, which means you don’t pay taxes until you access your money in the future when your tax bracket should be lower.

Many annuities provide you with the contractual option to withdraw 10% or more of your account each year, without penalty.

Fixed Indexed Annuities can be structured to provide a contractually guaranteed stream of income for life.


For nearly one hundred years, Fixed Annuities have provided yields averaging between two and five percent under the terms of the Fixed Annuity contract.

Introduced in 1995, the Fixed Indexed Annuity contract provides greater flexibility and options for purchasers beyond that of the traditional Fixed Annuity contract. A Fixed Indexed Annuity gives you the option of linking the return, paid to you under the terms of the Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product, to an index like the S&P 500. This innovation provides the qualified purchaser with an array of contractual options that simply didn’t exist before the introduction of the Fixed Indexed Annuity.

Achieve Your Goals

Everyone’s retirement situation is different and as with any financial product, including an insurance annuity product, it’s important to determine your suitability for the product given your unique circumstances and align your retirement strategy with your retirement goals.

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Retirement and Annuities

In our parents’ era, retiring comfortably at age 65 was fairly straight forward – they relied upon a pension to provide one-third of their retirement income, Social Security for another third and their own savings for the final third. Today, the retirement equation is a whole lot more complicated.

The Ideal Retirement

For most Americans, the ideal retirement includes these four main characteristics:

  • Safety – They don’t want to lose their hard earned money, especially knowing they can’t re-earn it.
  • Growth – Eighty percent of those surveyed said they prefer moderate growth with safety instead of higher potential with risk and volatility.
  • Tax Management – Most people believe taxes will go up in the future, so their ideal retirement strategy offers a way to control or limit taxes.
  • Liquidity – Those nearing retirement want a strategy that enables them to live comfortably throughout retirement, taking income as necessary.

Take Control

How would you feel if you knew that your money would never again take a plunge because of market swings? If you are tired of the market’s roller coaster ride, but want more growth than the minimal returns that bank CDs offer, then annuities may be a good fit for you. Take control over your retirement without having to spend your time studying the market and guessing its next move.

An insurance product does exist that enables you to protect your savings, earn steady growth and have funds available when you need them. It’s called a Fixed Indexed Annuity.
One of the most comprehensive studies of its kind shows how-since 1995-when Fixed Indexed Annuities were introduced, they have provided higher annualized returns as an insurance product linked to an index than the S&P 500, Vanguard’s S&P 500 fund, McCann’s 50/50 Portfolio or the Money Market Index operating independently. The study shows that linking an index with a Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product provides protections from market volatility and can be a “safety net” for your savings, while providing opportunity for competitive growth within the context of an insurance product. If you are tired of market volatility, but want more growth than the minimal returns that bank CDs offer, then a Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product may be a good fit for you.