What Can An Annuity Do For Me?

The Quick Benefits

Fixed Indexed Annuities cannot lose money caused by market volatility because they are an insurance product and not an investment.

Fixed Indexed Annuities have averaged an 8.6% return over the past 14 years, outperforming the overall return of the S&P 500 (Click here to see the study in the Journal of Financial Planning).

Annuities grow tax-deferred, which means you don’t pay taxes until you access your money in the future when your tax bracket should be lower.

Many annuities provide you with the contractual option to withdraw 10% or more of your account each year, without penalty.

Fixed Indexed Annuities can be structured to provide a contractually guaranteed stream of income for life.


For nearly one hundred years, Fixed Annuities have provided yields averaging between two and five percent under the terms of the Fixed Annuity contract.

Introduced in 1995, the Fixed Indexed Annuity contract provides greater flexibility and options for purchasers beyond that of the traditional Fixed Annuity contract. A Fixed Indexed Annuity gives you the option of linking the return, paid to you under the terms of the Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product, to an index like the S&P 500. This innovation provides the qualified purchaser with an array of contractual options that simply didn’t exist before the introduction of the Fixed Indexed Annuity.

Achieve Your Goals

Everyone’s retirement situation is different and as with any financial product, including an insurance annuity product, it’s important to determine your suitability for the product given your unique circumstances and align your retirement strategy with your retirement goals.