Retirement and Annuities

In our parents’ era, retiring comfortably at age 65 was fairly straight forward – they relied upon a pension to provide one-third of their retirement income, Social Security for another third and their own savings for the final third. Today, the retirement equation is a whole lot more complicated.

The Ideal Retirement

For most Americans, the ideal retirement includes these four main characteristics:

  • Safety – They don’t want to lose their hard earned money, especially knowing they can’t re-earn it.
  • Growth – Eighty percent of those surveyed said they prefer moderate growth with safety instead of higher potential with risk and volatility.
  • Tax Management – Most people believe taxes will go up in the future, so their ideal retirement strategy offers a way to control or limit taxes.
  • Liquidity – Those nearing retirement want a strategy that enables them to live comfortably throughout retirement, taking income as necessary.

Take Control

How would you feel if you knew that your money would never again take a plunge because of market swings? If you are tired of the market’s roller coaster ride, but want more growth than the minimal returns that bank CDs offer, then annuities may be a good fit for you. Take control over your retirement without having to spend your time studying the market and guessing its next move.

An insurance product does exist that enables you to protect your savings, earn steady growth and have funds available when you need them. It’s called a Fixed Indexed Annuity.
One of the most comprehensive studies of its kind shows how-since 1995-when Fixed Indexed Annuities were introduced, they have provided higher annualized returns as an insurance product linked to an index than the S&P 500, Vanguard’s S&P 500 fund, McCann’s 50/50 Portfolio or the Money Market Index operating independently. The study shows that linking an index with a Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product provides protections from market volatility and can be a “safety net” for your savings, while providing opportunity for competitive growth within the context of an insurance product. If you are tired of market volatility, but want more growth than the minimal returns that bank CDs offer, then a Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product may be a good fit for you.